BOS-Heil & Co has been based in Rosbach v.d.H. (1) – near Frankfurt/M. – since 1985 and specializes in the distribution and service of brand new vehicles and trailers from various manufacturers.

Established in 1925 by George Heil in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen as a commercial agency for printing inks and lacquer-technical products.

In the 1930´s George Heil founded a paint factory in Rosbach not only to distribute products but also to produce paint, that could meet the complicated needs of clients in the industrial sector.

In the 1950´s he handed the factory over to his niece Justine and her husband Dr. Otto Schneider. In the aftermath of World War II they managed to expand the paint factory into a specialised chemical production enterprise. By producing special laquer (ceramic laquer), individually designed to meet the specific requirements of each industrial client, Lackfabrik Heil & CO. became known for its close costumer relations and its intensive care for details. Due to this emphasis on close customer contacts and the ability of being able to react quickly on changing demands, Heil & Co. was able to keep up with known competitors in the chemical industry

Today, 67 years later, you find BOS-Heil & CO still in central Rosbach v.d.H. (1), with direct binding to the Motorway BAB A5, in the catchment area of Frankfurt/Main. Ben O. Schneider is a representative of the third generation in the business. He added automobile and trailer trade to the portfolio of operations, which he developed during school and university times and merged with the paint factory Heil & CO, which stopped its operations in the 1990´s. The field of activities expanded with the import and export of new vehicles and trailers of different manufacturers and models from different countries in the European Union, focusing on overhang production of the industry. Since selling cars and trailers without providing the customer with an allround-service would not fit the family´s tradition of close customer relations, the service range was continuously developed and extended parallel to the vehicle and spare parts trade.

Today BOS-Heil & CO presents itself as healthy enterprise, which is firmly in family possession. This circumstance makes senior boss Dr. Otto Schneider proud infact. After merging with the chemical factory approximately 25 years ago,   B.O Schneider  continuously changed the business purpose and successfully remodeled the enterprise into a leading  –  brand independent – import/export company of cars and trailers in the area.

High Tech, creative handiworks and technical qualification of the coworkers are the basic principles of BOS Heil & Co. Numerous foreign contacts allows us to react quickly to substantial price fluctuations in the vehicle and spare part market of the vehicle manufacturers.

Although we have been certified by 7 manufacturers, we offer our customers brand-neutral consultation and provide them with the best solutions in a rapidly changing automobile market.

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